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Acoostic Sessions: Live musical performances in and around Montreal, showcasing the cavalcade of talented musicians the city has to offer.

It’s fair to say that Bud Rice is a friend of ours. More than fair actually. The 25-year-old was our inaugural member of Team Coostin’ after all. We are definitely fans.

Sure, part of that fandom is based on his debut LP Belfast – celebrating its two-year anniversary soon – but it’s Bud’s engaging live shows that have us hooked. With such a comfortable and dynamic stage presence, Bud is not only an accomplished live musician, he’s a born showman. And his gigs are a god damn jam.

We’re not the only believers. Cult MTL ranked Bud in the top-five solo acts and songwriters two years running in their annual Best of Montreal listings, and Brendan Kelly of Montreal Gazette had the Belfast record launch at number two in his top-ten shows of 2015.  

Having seen many a Bud Rice Montreal show, we at The Coost are beyond excited that he’s taking his talents on the road. Bud’s first tour begins with a kick-off fundraiser at Montreal’s Casa Del Popolo on November 10, before visiting the likes of Kingston, Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa, Quebec City, Fredericton, Charlottetown, Halifax, and Moncton. Canada’s East Coast rejoice! Bud Rice & Maybe Greys are coming for you!

We caught up with Bud to talk about his upcoming tour, and of course to record an Acoostic Session in celebration. And to drum up a little hype…

Your first tour Bud. Obviously a lot of emotions are running through you. What’s the predominant feeling?

Excitement more than anything. I’ve been working day and night the past month to get funds sorted for the tour, not to mention all the promotional work that has been done during my “time-off”, reaching out to local radio stations, blogs and magazines to help boost the shows. I’m completely ready to take the music on the road and start performing, you get so swamped in the business end of this stuff that by the time everything is good to go you are just itching to play. I can’t wait, simply put.

You’re touring with Maybe Greys, no doubt friends of yours. How’d you end up touring together?

Maybe Greys is led by John Hale, a Calgary-born accountant by day and rocker by night. I met him when I was 18 shooting pool at Bifteck when he was studying at Concordia. Something like three years later, without keeping in touch, my sister has a new boyfriend. Lo and behold John Hale walks through my mum’s living room. He had also studied music and came to Montreal with dreams of making a career out of it, and over the course of two years we started playing together and Maybe Greys was formed. It seemed fitting musically to take both our bands on the road as a package deal, and we knew the vibe would be great, so we started getting everything together and we’re looking at a killer 10 shows.  

What can Canada’s East Coast expect from Bud Rice & Maybe Greys?

Belfast is the predominant focus for the tour, playing tunes from the record that we haven’t had the chance to in these parts of Canada. A handful of new material, along with tracks from the record, will also be making an appearance. All with the same energetic, lyrically driven, soulful rock and roll that we strive to knock out of the park every time we hit the stage. Maybe Greys has an upbeat singer/songwriter rock vibe to it, fantastic songwriting and a very dynamic repertoire.

The tour is a great reason to record an Acoostic Session, not that we really need one. You performed “Through The Wind” on Montreal’s Mont Royal. Like most Montrealers, the mountain must hold some special memories?

Absolutely. I spent prom overnight there, had countless parties, swim sessions, jam sessions. Dad, my sister, and I would race peanuts in the spring as the snow would melt. I would go snowboarding with my high school buddies there, played hockey there, played football when I was all but 97lbs (aged 13). It’s a huge landmark in Montreal and naturally it has allowed for very fond memories.

You covered Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. Why’d you choose that track?

I’ve heard a number of versions done of the song and I wanted to take a crack at it myself, it fits nicely in my range and I love the melody. I think it’s a beautiful song, incredibly intimate and honest, tackling something as powerful as a lust for love that isn’t reciprocated. I have been there before, it’s an awful place to be. It’s easier for me to get behind the music when I have felt the same pain, or whatever emotion the song demonstrates, the song just makes me feel something and that’s what’s most important to me. 

Tell us more about the kick-off fundraiser on November 10.

Tour kicks off with a home show at Casa Del Popolo. Doors are at 8pm, Maybe Greys will start things of at 9pm and I’ll close the night starting at 10pm. Casa has a strict curfew, so all these times are sharpWe’re hoping to help fund a bit of our travel expenses, so if you or any of your friends are fans of the music, this is the night that we need your support the most. Tickets are $10 at the door, there will be CDs for sale, pints are cheap, people are awesome, it will be a moment that you won’t regret. I really hope to see some familiar and of course unfamiliar faces. 

See you there.

Bud Rice


Find all upcoming shows and more on Belfast at and listen on SoundCloud

  • Words – Zac Strevens
  • Camera, Editing, Direction – Zac Strevens
  • Audio – Tim Ferris

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