Acoostic Sessions Live: Velvet Black – “Mademoiselle”

Original header image by Click Flash Photography
October 23, 2018 – Acoostic Sessions Live 2018 went down at Microbrasserie 4 Origines, Montreal. All the sensational acts featured in Acoostic Sessions season three took the stage, and a packed house revelled in their energetic and enthralling live acts.

Velvet Black are blowing up, deservedly so. One of Quebec’s hardest working musical acts, they are embodying the idea that success is the point where opportunity meets preparation. After having previously released album “Orleans” in 2016 and toured much of Canada and the US, the lads have opened for Bryan Adams at Festivent and dropped popular new track “Mademoiselle” to widespread popularity and acclaim so far in 2018. We consider ourselves equal parts proud and lucky to have worked with this dynamic and professional trio.

As Velvet Black took the Acoostic Sessions Live stage, one member of the audience was overheard as saying, “I’ve been waiting for this all night.” They weren’t disappointed. Here’s the aforementioned “Mademoiselle” live at Microbrasserie 4 Origines.

  • Cameras – Samuel Schioler & Peter Thompson
  • Editing – Zac Strevens
  • Audio – Simon Petraki

Sound recorded and mixed by Seratone Studio

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