Acoostic Sessions S02: Celina Wolfe – “Weight Of A Man”

Acoostic Sessions: Live musical performances done in and around Montreal.

The truth is that we bought Celina Wolfe stocks without properly sampling the Celina Wolfe brand.

That’s because we’d talked to her and been impressed by her ease and affability. In other words, we met her and she was really, really cool.

Then we started hearing about her voice and talent – from people like friend-of-The-Coost Bud Rice – and checked out some small social media clips. Although these clips were minimal, we could tell the voice was there and thus booked her for an Acoostic Session. This would never normally happen – Acoostic Sessions isn’t in the business of working with artists when we’ve never seen them live or heard them perform a full track – but we were confident. Something told us that Celina should be an exception.

The first time we saw Celina live was performing with Bud Rice. She tore the roof off that night, completely and utterly breathing new life into James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World.” She has such control over her voice and audience, a crazy amount for a 21-year-old. We don’t mean that in a pinching-the-cheeks “isn’t she cute!? way. We mean it in a this-young-woman-has-the-tools-to-take-on-the-world kind of a way, and we consider ourselves lucky to have her on board. Her voice was on display in Saint-Viateur Park, Montreal, performing once again with Bud Rice.  

You’ve got such a powerful voice, Celina. When did you start singing, and when did you truly realise, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this.”

I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t singing. I never studied music or came from a musical family, it’s just something that has always felt as natural as breathing air to me. It’s funny, when I was younger I used to think I was good, but now as I get older and my network expands I can see there is always work to be done. So for now that’s where I’m at, I have a lot to learn regarding singing and music and many more hours of work to put into this. Hopefully it won’t ever end.

How does music influence your life?

Music makes me strive for something. It makes me happy. It can also make me very sad. It can hurt. It makes me meet people, strangers. It makes me work. It makes me stop in the middle of doing my dishes to go sort out the mess in my head. It puts me in a vulnerable place and forces me to find my way out. It makes me confident. It makes me insecure. It makes me think a lot about people in my life. It really is everything. That and the people you hold dearest to you.

What was the inspiration for “Weight Of A Man”? It sounds personal. Is it?

I can’t really say what the song is about just because my parents will probably read this. But I will say this: It is exhausting to try and carry someone else’s baggage (a particularly heavy baggage) when you’re still too young to carry your own. “A girl cannot hold up the weight of a man.” I’ll tell you all about it, dear reader, if I ever meet you in person. 

You’re home alone doing whatever. What’s playing in the background? Of course it depends on your mood and what you’re doing, but take us through some go-tos for you.

I love listening to the queens of soul and blues, so I’m blasting that Aretha, Etta James and Amy Winehouse guaranteed. My most recent love is Sia, I listen to her music constantly. I’d definitely be blasting some Backstreet Boys,*NSYNC, and Christina Aguilera if I was dance-cleaning. Some Lana Del Rey and Bishop Briggs are always good too. Chris Stapleton is a machine, so he’s usually playing in my house. And, of course, all my rock idols like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix. Oh and Justin Bieber, I shamelessly really enjoy listening to and looking at Justin Bieber.

You play often around Montreal accompanied by friend-of-The-Coost Bud Rice, and he backed you up for this Acoostic Session. How did your musical relationship evolve?

Bud and I have been friends for some time now and he’s always been an inspiration of mine. I remember the first time I saw him and Senja Sargeant play at Honey Martin Pub I was completely taken back by their untouchable talent and musicality. I was in my first rock band and I remember going up to Bud and saying, “dude you guys are like the best band I have ever seen.” It was in meeting him and Senja that I really found out how important music was to me and how much more work I had to do. Bud has officially been in my band since about April 2017, so the musical relationship is still fairly new in terms of playing with each other, but I think we’ve been pulling it off pretty well. He’s always teaching me stuff and pushing me to do bigger things, which I appreciate as a friend and as a bandmate. I feel very fortunate to play alongside such an experienced musician.

To keep up with Celina, and to see find information for upcoming shows, be sure to follow Celina on Instagram (@celinawolfemusic) and Facebook (

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  • Words – Zac Strevens
  • Cameras – Zac Strevens & Peter Thompson
  • Editing – Zac Strevens & Peter Thompson
  • Audio – Peter Thompson
  • Direction – Zac Strevens

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