Acoostic Sessions S02: Mike + Ash – “Carvin’ In”

Acoostic Sessions: Live musical performances done in and around Montreal.

Mike + Ash were the duo that started it all, featuring in the inaugural Acoostic Sessions release back in September of 2016. It seemed appropriate to get them back and help us launch season two!

“Carvin’ In” – a new song written by Ash – pays tribute to the “trailblazers” who stood up against oppression, helping bring about the change that lead to some of the freedoms we enjoy today. What better place to launch a song about those that left such a powerful mark on society than the place that left such an indelible mark on two young musicians?  

After performing in NDG for season one of Acoostic Sessions, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue was the location this time around. It’s a place where both Mike and Ash have left their marks, albeit in different ways. While Ash’s experience was a student-based one that’s hardly unique to her – music, John Abbott college, rez nights, The Pub, Annie’s, Clyde’s – Mike’s was more varied and spaced out, involving time spent with family and working part-time summer jobs. Despite their experiences being at 180-degrees opposites, Sainte-Annes was a huge contributor to the growth of a young Michael Neville and even younger Ash Montgomery.

The trailblazers contributed to society’s growth. St Anne’s contributed to Mike + Ash’s growth. Mike + Ash continue to contribute to The Coost’s growth. It all works perfectly…

What’s “Carvin’ In” about?

Ash Montgomery: “Carvin’ In” is a little ditty I wrote inspired by all the leaders and pioneers who spoke up and protested back in the day for the rights we have now. Acknowledging the icons who have already been trailblazing for decades and paving the way.

Did any particular person or cause spark the desire to write the song?

Haha! So, do you consider “Carvin’ In” a feminist song?

AM: It’s an ode to the trailblazers! It’s not always fun to be that person who speaks up and shuts down those who are being sexist, or racist, or whatever it may be. I think a lot of people have a tendency to put their heads in the sand rather than stand up and not be afraid to speak their mind and make their mark. THOSE kinds of leaders, at least in my mind, often come with a kind of fiery spirit and sassiness which I love.

Long before the recent women’s marches and the alt-right protests, there have been leaders who have been constantly preaching the same message and standing up for equality.

After performing in NDG for your Acoostic Session in season one, you went for Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue this time around. Why there?

Michael Neville: Why Saint Anne’s? It’s strange because I’ve never lived there like Ash did, but I’ve been drawn to the town for various reasons over the past 20 years. Improv regional championships in high school before paving driveways for a summer in that neck of the woods. Then visiting Ash to play music during the years that she attended John Abbott college. In recent years I make it a point to make day trips there and get away from the city. I’m a sucker for nostalgia and the town is certainly chalk full of that for me.

AM: I went to cégep at John Abbott and lived in rez while I was there. It was the perfect transition, coming from a small farm town to a quaint lakeside college town. So many memories… And coming back to see that the tree some friends and I use to hang out in was still exactly as I remembered was pretty damn nostalgic!

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  • Words – Zac Strevens
  • Cameras – Zac Strevens & Peter Thompson
  • Editing – Peter Thompson
  • Audio – Peter Thompson
  • Direction – Zac Strevens

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