Coost Cuts – Best Tracks of 2016: Part One

BRENDAN PARK – Melbourne
What the The Coost crew are listening to right now….

Click here! Click here! It’s time for another delicious helping of tuuuuuunes in easy-to-digest-not-quite-end-of-the-year list format. A cop out? Perhaps. In my defence though, there’s been an awful lot of absolute tuneskies this year. Which one will win the prestigious Coost Cut of the Year (CCOTY) award for 2016? Inch very slowly towards the edge of your seats, folks, we’re gonna milk this thing for all it’s worth.

First things first. By default, four nominees from the Coost Cuts End of Financial Year Edition are already through to the 2016 final:

Africaine 808Fallen From The Stars

Mr FingersAether

Traumprinz2 Bad (DJ Metatron’s What If Madness Is Our Only Relief Mix)

Diamond JacksonStreets


Joining them in The Big Dance are:

V.O. – “Mashisa (Dub Mix)”

Originally released to zero acclaim in apartheid-era South Africa in 1990, Eddie Magwaza’s Mashisa was unearthed by Toronto DJ duo and record label Invisible City more than two decades later. A favourite among the heads for a while now, this Kwaito disco number received its long-awaited repress in 2016.

BadBadNotGood feat. Sam Herring – “Time Moves Slow”

Showing my soft side here with a sentimental ballad from Toronto jazz wunderkinds BadBadNotGood, featuring a star turn from Future Islands frontman Sam Herring. If you enjoy yearning, you’ll love this.

Mumbo Jumbo – “Wind It Up”

First heard in a Melbourne convent in early January, Wind It Up was a religious experience then and has been something of a dance floor ritual ever since. Local maestros András and Instant Peterson gave this forgotten gem a deserved repress on the acclaimed Midnite Spares compilation, a collection of “overlooked avant-pop and electronic works by antipodean artists and outsiders working through the 80s and 90s.” The original video clip is a must-watch.

Goat – “Goatfuzz”

Sneaking a guitar track in here from one of the live acts of the year. Stomping world music, with a hint of voodoo that gets in your bones. I don’t play many rock and roll records these days, but when I do, it’s either Goat or Zeppelin.

DJ Sotofett – “Current 82”

Norwegian master of percussion and Sex Tags Mania boss DJ Sotofett can’t put a foot wrong, but this is far and away his best effort of 2016. This is audial chocolate, best served late. Real late. Like, sunrise.

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