Coost Cuts – Best Tracks of 2016: Part Two

BRENDAN PARK – Melbourne
What the The Coost crew are listening to right now….

The tension is palpable. Which cut will prove to be the coostiest of the year? Catch up on Part 1 here, then wrap your ears around these little numbers. The 2016 winner is revealed below.

Bajka – “The World”

Bajka is a German, born in India and raised in Portugal and South Africa, with the sweetest voice I’ve heard in 2016. “The World” fits somewhere between R&B and neo soul and, thanks to the drumming of Max Weissenfeldt, bridges a gap between classic jazz heavyweights and more beat-induced fare from labels like Rhythm Section and 22a.

Kornél Kovács – “BB”

Kornél Kovács makes playful dance music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet astounds with its complexity. The Swedish producer’s debut full length The Bells is one of the records of the year, and “BB” stands out for me. There’s something liberating about this song, as if it is referencing decades of dance music history and spitting out something entirely new. And that vinyl record buzz… oh boy.

Mark Seven – “The Fatal Flaw in Disco (U-4-Ria)”

Homages to early ‘90s dance music were a dime a dozen in 2016, but Stockholm-based producer Mark Seven’s “The Fatal Flaw in Disco” is a cut above most. Saxophone samples are usually risky business, but the one deployed here is nothing short of magnificent. This is one of the tunes of the summer – I’ve heard several iterations on Melbourne dance floors already.

Project Pablo – “Closer”

Canadian Patrick Holland is one of the most talented young beatmakers to arrive on the scene in recent memory. Having moved from his hometown of Vancouver to the opposite side of the country, chasing cheaper rents and artistic inspiration in Montréal, Holland launched his own label in 2016 – Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest – with the superb Beaubien Dream EP. “Closer” is one for the ages – just try to keep those hips still to this.

Låpsley – “Operator (DJ Koze Edit)”

Outstanding, catchy pop given a tweak for dance floors by German wizard DJ Koze. Overplayed in some circles, yet to be discovered in others, this track can unite discerning dancers and will continue to do so for many years to come. Receives a special mention for video clip of the year.

…and the winner is:
Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda – Priestess

I couldn’t go past Melbourne’s very own synth wizard Harvey Sutherland. If 2015 was the year in which he found his niche as a producer and DJ, in 2016 Sutherland achieved something nearing world domination, with a stellar live show packing dance venues around the globe. Performing as Bermuda, the trio play Sutherland’s productions live, with Graeme Pogson’s drumming and Tamil Rogeon’s electric strings adding the cream to a very funky cake, as evidenced by their recent Resident Advisor Sessions effort. Bermuda are doing something pretty unique in the world of electronic music, comparable to Todd Terje and the Olsens, and just as fun.

Coost Cuts Best of 2016 playlist:

11037281_10152741660756876_4658291455164398724_nBrendan Park. Peace. Love. Disco

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