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The sound of 2016 for me is post-world music. The most interesting and danceable tunes on the planet are those that break through genre and cultural constraints and deliver something more. To combine sounds from different eras and places is fraught with danger. The results can be offensive. Disco Halal though, are a whole greater than the sum of their parts, and a whole lot of fun. One word springs to mind: synergy.

It makes sense that the label boss is an Israeli living in Berlin who calls himself Moscoman. Sure, that may be a total dance music cliché, but it’s also a reflection of something bigger: globalisation. Colliding cultures need not be cause for combustion. Differences should be embraced.

Disco Halal records do more than pay homage to the places which they use as reference points. The label roster includes Mehmet Aslan, a “mechanical Turk hailing from Switzerland with a taste for traditional folk hymns”, Brazilian DJ Carrot Green, and Tel Aviv’s Red Axes, who are currently tearing up discerning dance floors in all the right places.

This music is proof that harmony exists. People came together, and in the words of Disco Halal, “the resonant sound drifted forth, across the continents, gathering kaleidoscopic fragments of found Middle Eastern sounds and fractured European rhythms all along the way, washing up at last, upon the shores of Berlin.” Wherever the destination, dancing is the way to get there.

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