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Have you heard of José Padilla? Perhaps not, but you have almost certainly heard his music. Maybe you were on an Ibiza beach watching the sunrise. Or maybe you dug around under the passenger seat of your older sister’s shaggin’ wagon in the late 90s and stumbled upon a Café del Mar compilation in a cracked CD jewel case. Or, perhaps you heard him in an elevator. The latter is more likely, my Dad would say. But Dad doesn’t know shit; José Padilla is the godfather of chill-out and he’s been shaping Balearic house music for more than three decades.

Padilla moved to the party isle of Ibiza from mainland Spain in 1976. He spent the best part of a decade honing his DJ skills and busting his arse to make a buck. He began to explore his taste and creativity as a resident DJ at Es Paradiso, before founding his own club in 1986: Museo.

Padilla yearns for simpler times. As told to DJ History, “It was a different crowd, it was more acid and joints. I used to put all the lights out and make it fuckin’ black. No music. For a minute. Fuck you! I used to do that. Now you wait. Then they used to start to whistle and scream. Then I start with, I don’t know, anything: David Bowie. That’s the problem now, they don’t have any patience, they don’t have imagination.”

So Many Colours was born when International Feel label boss Mark Barrott coaxed Padilla out of retirement in 2014. A bunch of internationally renowned producers then bunkered down at Padilla’s Ibiza home to add their touches to what is now a compelling record. One of those producers is Melbourne legend Tornado Wallace, who is featured on the killer track below.

So Many Colours isn’t for everyone. Your metalhead mates will probably find it boring. As a summer soundtrack, though, this takes some beating. Add a splash of sun and some juiced-up gin and tonics, and José will have hips shaking in no time.

Grab the vinyl here or the digital here. And here is the story of how the record came together, via FACT Magazine:


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