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NAT YORSKI – Montreal
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Back in 2014 my internet savvy friend casually presented me with a viral video that was being brandished across the Reddit-sphere. Always keen to expand my musical repertoire, I pushed play and my eardrums were filled with the first unique sounds of an up-and-coming three-piece band playing out of Union Square Subway Station. The music itself was heralded as a brand new genre: brasshouse. The video showcased the trio’s flair for experimentation, as well as their ability to combine various musical stylings and cultural influences. The result is nothing short of mesmerizing, and I feel a desire now to pay it forward and express exactly why, years later, Too Many Zooz continue to blow my mind.

The group consists of a baritone saxophonist, trumpeter and percussionist, each member bringing his own unique sound to the table, culminating in a jazz/rock/funk/dance/traditional african blend reminiscent of modern Balkan Vibe. Their sound might be unusual, but these guys know how to draw a crowd. They are true performance artists, exuding power and commanding attention. Onlookers feel compelled to get involved, and the energy that results is nothing less than you would expect from a world-renowned DJ – if he were performing in a New York City subway station. Since 2014, they’ve released three EPs, have been featured on TEDx and have launched a successful kickstarter for their debut LP Subway Gawdz.

Check out their music video Spoctopus. Find all their music on Bandcamp

Nat Yorski is the effervescent and unapologetic female voice of The Coost. With her love of music and her second love of telling people what’s what, she spends most of her time playing with puppets and signing karaoke to her dog.

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