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Melbourne’s Lewie Day – AKA Tornado Wallace – has been a favourite of this column since its inception. So much so, that we had to check back through the archives to make sure I wasn’t doubling up. He was a collaborating producer on José Padilla’s So Many Colours record – a Coost Cut from way back in 2015 – but never a solo entrant. So, congratulations Tornado, you’ve made it! Before we delve into his debut full-length, check out the track that birthed my infatuation with the bearded disco don, Be My Ladyboy. 

The Tornado Never Dies EP – released on Sleazy Beats way back in 2010 – helped kickstart his transition from Melbourne’s deep house scene to world domination via Berlin, where he is now based. Subsequent releases on ESP Institute and Beats in Space garnered support in all the right places, but a 2016 self-titled EP on Music From Memory sub-label Second Circle is the pick of the bunch for me. The percussive wizardry on this record is sublime and will be familiar to fans of Tornado’s DJ sets, with Kakadu the standout.

Day’s earlier productions have traversed spaced-out disco, stomping house, and Antipodean acid, but Lonely Planet – released last week on Running Back – is slow-mo Tornado, perhaps his truest iteration. This is proper Balearic music; José would be proud. It’s also eminently accessible. Case in point is lead single Today, which features fellow Melbournian Sui Zhen’s dreamy vocals, and even a little silhouetto of a guitar cameo from the man himself.

I’ve seen Day DJ numerous times, and he’s never failed to deliver. A set that sticks in my memory was his 9am Sunday effort at Strawberry Fields in 2015; a slot that many others on the bill may have struggled with. Not Tornado, who served up a two hour set that meandered and shimmied its way to euphoria, while rarely going above 110 bpm. It even spawned a new word among our dance circle: ‘Balearacid’. Voices takes me back to that sunny morning, and is absolutely timeless.

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