‘The Coost Side’ Catch-Up: October 2016

JEFF O’BRIEN – Montreal

The Coost Side is a weekly contribution from Montreal writer/author/comedian Jeff O’Brien. Catch it weekly on Facebook, Instagram (@instacoost), and Twitter (@thecoost)

“Every time I see a dead fish in the pet store, I can’t help but chuckle..”


– Published October 6, 2016

“This one feels to me like one of those jokes you write that, in the end, only you get…”


– Published October 14, 2016

“This is part of a bigger bit I do onstage and one that often connects well with the audience. Why!? Because it’s true!…”


– Published October 21, 2016

Jeff O’Brien is a writer/author/stand-up Comic and terrible drawer, currently unemployed living with his black lab named Kato…

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