‘The Coost Side’ Catch-Up: July/August 2016.

JEFF O’BRIEN – Montreal

The Coost Side is a weekly contribution from Montreal writer/author/comedian Jeff O’Brien. Catch it weekly on FacebookInstagram (@instacoost), and Twitter (@thecoost)

“I feel like it is…”


– Published July 8, 2016

“You know you short-change them on their walks, and so do they…”


– Published July 16, 2016

“We’ve all been there…”


– Published July 22, 2016

For this one, I thought how this question must torment or annoy you as a tree..”

In the trees0006

– Published July 29, 2016

“I feel this one is very relatable, and for some, regretful.”


– Published August 5, 2016

I call this one….swipe before flushing.”


– Published August 12, 2016

“No one likes to be called used.”

Car feelings0003

– Published August 19, 2016

“Outer space has its challenges…”


– Published August 26, 2016

Jeff O’Brien is a writer/author/stand-up Comic and terrible drawer, currently unemployed living with his black lab named Kato…


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