The Couch Move – A Short Film

The Couch Move – where two idiot friends, with no access to a car or truck, decide it’s a great idea to move a couch by hand, 1.5km across Montreal’s Plateau.

What was meant to be a relatively easy, comic journey becomes increasingly ridiculous as they encounter friends and strangers along the way. Meanwhile, the limits of their friendship are tested as they become increasingly more tired…


The Couch Move


Smiddy – Andrew Smith-Tomeo

Zac – Zac Strevens

Dave – David McGavin

Arnesh – Arnesh Singh


Couple – Sandra Béraud & Jean-Christophe Dubé

Psychiatrist – Davide Molino

Patient – Jeff O’Brien

Art Pusherman – Luke Gerald

Himself – Dr. David McGimpsey

Sound Recording
Tim Ferris

Camera 1
Luke Gerald

Camera 2
Sandra Béraud

Story by
Zac Strevens, Andrew Smith-Tomeo, David McGavin

Edited by
Zac Strevens with Tim Ferris

Directed by
Zac Strevens


Divide and Fall”

“Hot Rod”


“Get Ur Freak On”
Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott
Goldmind, Elektra. 2001

“We Can Work It Out”
The Beatles
Parlophone, Capitol. 1965

“I’ll Be There For You”
The Rembrandts
East West, Atlantic. 1995

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