New Head Chef

The Coost is primarily a showcase website. We love recommending things – be that a piece of art (film, TV, music, book, video game, exhibition etc), a person, an act, or a place of the worldThe Coost is a strictly positive outlet. ‘Coost’ is a synonym for ‘good’. And that’s the attitude we are bringing to this website.

We are also a group that believes the web is full of keyboard warriors telling everyone why things are shit, without really ever putting themselves out there in a creative way. We would rather be making our own stuff than negatively critiquing other people’s – that’s why we will be putting up our own original content in web series and shorts. Our latest effort is this – New Head Chef. For anyone that’s ever worked in, or around, a kitchen nightmare…



Rick – Davide Molino
Michael – David McGavin
Dinesh – Arnesh Singh
Line Cook – Shaheen Dottridge
Waiter – Andrew Smith
Waitress – Dominique Robertson
Owner – Zac Strevens


Sound – Daniel Provencher

Camera – Luke Gerald
Music – Michael Neville
Editing – Sandra Beraud + Zac Strevens
Story & Script – David McGavin
Direction – Zac Strevens

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