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We at Podcoost make no secret about the fact that none of us have seen, heard, read or experienced everything that the year 2014 had to offer. In our series ‘Podcoost’s 2014’ we are giving our ‘favourites’ rather than what we consider ‘the best’. That we are doing this in the first days of 2015 is simple; how can we really consider the year until it is fully over? Living in the past? Maybe, but we like to get nostalgic. Even for something that finished a matter of days ago…Check out more of our favourites here.


Brendan Park: Caribou – “Can’t Do Without You”

If Caribou (Dan Snaith) had written this song about me I would be a quivering, dripping mess and Mr Snaith would never have to do without me. This is an unbelievably beautiful song from an incredible album. It’s a tricky little number too – it’s all chorus and buildups, never really goes anywhere and always leaves me wanting more. I love the bridge/verse he throws in at the very end, almost as an afterthought….’and you’re the only thing I think about.’

Honourable mentions:

Todd Terje – “Johnny and Mary” [ft. Bryan Ferry]

Vic Mensa – “Down on My Luck

Flight Facilities – “Sunshine ft. Reggie Watts”

Nick Stevens: Mac DeMarco – “Chamber of Reflection” (Album Version)

Mac’s synth heavy and latest entry into the pantheon of raddest slow grooves ever is, what we in the music listening industry often refer to as, the shit. Wiz Khalifa tried to ruin it a few weeks back by removing the somewhat uncharacteristically vague lyrics about personal growth(?), opting to instead bash us about the head repeatedly with some goofy shit about loneliness and weed and how he is lonely and loves weed and is also alone and is sad because now he is famous but still so alone. Hopefully, this will serve to bring more attention to the original.

Honourable mentions:

Viet Cong – “Continental Shelf

Guided By Voices – “Alex and the Omegas

Panda Bear – “Mr Noah

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – “Little Fang

Zac Strevens: Thom Yorke – “The Mother Lode”

September 30th, 2014. It was a Tuesday when I first put on Thom Yorke’s electronic meditation Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, evoking memories of that line in “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” that talks about being blindsided around 4 pm on some idle Tuesday. I’ve listened to the haunting, stutter-stepped drum and bass line and relentless piano of “The Mother Lode” three times a day since, in three different states of mind. The true marvel of the great musicians is their ability to transcribe their inner sound so that the masses of mere mortals can share the experience. Yorke just took it to another level. This is a lifer. “Can’t see a way out of this one.”

Honourable mentions:

Little Dragon – “Pretty Girls”

Kele – “Like We Used To”

FKA Twigs – “Two Weeks”

Cloud Nothings – “No Thoughts”

The Black Keys – “The Weight Of Love”

Orlando Soulsby: Courteeners – “Hometown One”

This Manchester band have been around since 2006, but it wasn’t until I was up in Manchester in the summer that I got to know them after hearing this song. I heard it in the sunshine of my second-favourite city in the UK on a weekend break with my girlfriend as we wandered around a market in the city, and the song just matched the moment perfectly. It is played at Old Trafford before every Man Utd game, so I often hear it on the radio or TV during the build-up. Not only is it a great reminder of a happy time, but it gets me in the mood for one of my favourite times of any week – when Utd play at the Theatre of Dreams.

Nat Yorksi: Sia – “Chandelier”/ alt-J “Every Other Freckle 

This was the ladies’ year. No matter what genre of music you are into, it was women that undoubtedly ruled the top tracks of 2014. Pop had the antics of Beyonce at the VMAs, Taylor Swift becoming the first woman in a hundred years to replace her own number one single with another one of her own singles, and Idina Menzel being the first Broadway and Tony award-winning singer to be on the charts with one of the most influential and covered songs of this decade. In hip-hop there was the return of Lauryn Hill, acts that inspired, such as Angel Haze, as well as the 10th anniversary of the Ladies of Hip Hop festival, complete with record-breaking attendance. Punk rock exploded with the return of Sleater-Kinney and Frau, while Lil Tits and Penny Machine also were predominant in what has been somewhat of a boys club. On the dance floor you had Tove Lo, Charlie XCX and Blonde, again to name but a few.

Sia is one of those artists that we in North America never hear about, but her music is everywhere – particularly Australia where she just picked up four ARIA awards. Bipolar and a recovering alcoholic, she hates being in the spotlight (if you’ve seen any live performances, you will notice that her back is always to the audience). She has written songs for most pop singers on radio, and she has one of the most interesting songwriting methods I have ever heard (if you are interested, check out the Howard Stern interview on YouTube). “Chandelier” has an eclectic sound, ranging from a basic reggae intro to a fairly heavy R&B beat, as well as a gorgeous piano melody. It’s a tragic song that follows the trials of alcoholism and diving headfirst into our vices while being able to sing at the top of your lungs. And also laugh at the numerous people who have tried to recreate the music video complete with a skin-tight leotard.

If “Every Other Freckle” is not the number one song of the year, it’s certainly the sexiest. Jow Newman’s first few lines that include “licking you like a crisp packet” may seem a little ridiculous, but once the fuzzy guitar riff begins and the solid bass kicks in, things get sweaty. The combination of religious-type chanting and the repeated “I want every other freckle” lyric make the song stick out in a big way. Bonus trivia: Due to a rare disorder Thom Greene, the drummer of alt-J, is 80% deaf, which brings a whole other level of understanding as to why the snare always seems as though it’s about to snap.

Honourable mentions:

Childish Gambino – “Sweatpants ft. Problem”

Neon Trees – “Sleeping with a Friend”

St. Paul & The Broken Bones – “Call Me”

Pogo & Jeesh – “The Trouble”

Jack White – “Would You Fight For My Love?”

Flight Facilities – “Sunshine ft. Reggie Watts”

George Ezra – “Blame it on Me”

Marketa Irglova – “The Leading Bird”

TV Girl – “Birds Don’t Sing”

Chet Faker – “Talk is Cheap”

Die Antwoord – “Ugly Boy”

20syl – “Kodama”

Good luck in 2015. May it be what you need it to be.




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