Road Coostin’ Episode 10 – Salt Lake City

Road Coostin’ Episode 10 header images by Zac Strevens

Beautiful people. Epic national parks and scenery. Amazing breweries. Stupendous sports. General coostin’.
The Four Corner states of the USA – Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado – offer as much beauty as they do diversity. And The Coost is eager to present a unique and ridiculous view of what this incredible part of the world has to offer.

It’s the season finale of Road Coostin’ and what better place to end than at the beginning! Salt Lake City was where the boys landed to start this trip, but they waited until their loop of the Four Corner states was completed to fully explore Utah’s capital. Before flying back to Montreal, they take in a Utah Jazz game, meet local coffee merchants, take a tour of the Utah Brewers Cooperative, try to sneak into Coostco, and hit the slopes. And there’s also one last Troll Travel Tale to tell.

It was an absolute privilege to go on such an incredible journey. Thank you for taking it with us.

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