Road Coostin’ Episode 4 – Arizona

Road Coostin’ header images by Ranko Bobusic

Beautiful people. Epic national parks and scenery. Amazing breweries. Stupendous sports. General coostin’.
The Four Corner states of the USA – Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado – offer as much beauty as they do diversity. And The Coost is eager to present a unique and ridiculous view of what this incredible part of the world has to offer.

When people think hockey they invariably think Arizona. So when the boys discovered that their beloved Montreal Canadiens would be playing the Arizona Coyotes in the NHL Mecca that is Gila River Arena, it was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. A dream come true. Too bad the game itself was soul-crushing.

As a remedy, your coosts then got lost in their own Jurassic Park – Petrified Forest National Park – touching trees from the Late Triassic period, 225 million years ago. And, of course, they found time for some more Troll Travel Tales…

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