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Video game sales come and go and some games are more worthy of a second look after a drop in price, so I have decided to let you know of them. Besides, what better excuse to go through the games I forgot I bought on sale last year?

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“In less than one Earth day, there will be no more… Earth days,” Megatron says as he grows closer to achieving another of his plans to take over our planet. This is one of a few moments in Transformers: Devastation that brings you back to when you sat in front of the TV in your G.I Joe pyjamas with a bowl of Fruit Loops on Saturday mornings.

Transformers: Devastation, a game by the makers of the Bayonetta series, will quench your 80s nostalgia thirst better than all of Michael Bay’s explodey robot films and the mediocre-to-good games that came before. Taking place in the setting of the G1 series (the one every kid watched way back when) means the plot revolves around the Decepticons trying to turn Earth into Cybertron again, and the Autobots doing what they can to stop it. Every trope ever used is present, from the cheesy one-liners to Starscream constantly mumbling his plan to take down Megatron. You play as one of the five favourite (which is debatable because Hound should have been included) Autobots – Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Grimlock, Bumblebee, and, of course, Optimus Prime – with each one having their own strengths and weaknesses.

Transformers: Devastation is not as generous with the laser gun action as the TV show, opting for a more intimate metal fist to metal face combat. Platinum knows how to make this beat ’em up stand out from the rest with wide varieties of flashy combos; from straight-up head-to-head punching to ramming full speed in car form before seamlessly transforming and laying down the hurt on those poor Decepticons foolish enough to lay in your way. Not only that, Platinum’s decision to steal one of their own game’s (Bayonetta series) mechanics of dodging at the last moment successfully slows down time. Continuing your combo in a more devastating effect keeps the game fresh through all five hours of storyline that you will be playing.

Despite the great gameplay mechanics and nostalgia trip, the game does have some issues, notably the camera and poor implementation of weapon upgrades as well as many of the environments feeling reused – it looks like there was not much thought on design. There’s little-to-no variation in each of the weapons that you equip your heroes with; they’re more just placeholders for later ones that offer more damage. Frankly, I just stuck with the same weapon for most of the game and only switched until I was halfway through.

This game is clearly a love letter to all G1 Transformers fans and every aspect of it shows. However, its flaws just won’t convince the average gamer to give it much play after they’re done with it. Transformers: Devastation is generally on sale for 75% off when a Steam sale hits, making it perfect for someone who wants something quick and able to scratch their action game itch, as well as giving them a nostalgia trip. I would recommend it during a Steam sale but not at its regular price of US$50.

Check out my experience with Transformers: Devastation on Twitch.

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