The Walking Dead Dot Points: Thank You

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Dot points about a television show called The Walking Dead. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it is un-great.
Spoilers in this article – OBVIOUSLY!

1. Michonne told some guy to calm down and he responded with “what the hell are you talking about?” That seemed strange, because what she was talking about was very straightforward.

2. Michonne’s group really should have stopped listening to Nicholas’ instructions immediately after he displayed a complete lack of nous or spine. Which was immediately.

3. How does anyone remember the callback to the “dumbass line from way back in the first season? I couldn’t even remember it being said in this episode.

4. Why no mercy kill for that poor bastard getting eaten near the fence? What the hell? Just get yer sword all up in his brain real quick.

5. The biggest question being ignored by viewers: How are people keeping their dreads so clean in the post apocalypse? One of my mates in high school had perpetually mouldy dreadlocks and we grew up in Bendigo’s middle class, where the only monsters are generally hoards of racists and bigots. Having said that, we also had a dude that used to break into houses in the middle of the night and tickle peoples’ toes. Apparently it was the owner of a local video store. I swear this is true but it seems to have been reduced to mythical status and internet searches are leading me nowhere, at least as far as the second page of Google, which is pretty much the entirety of the internet as far as I’m concerned.

Dem Dreads. Image courtesy
Dem Dreads. Image courtesy

6. How on earth that dude with the gun didn’t kill Rick is beyond me. Just walk in the and shoot him. Done. It’s not like the ambusher knew Rick was the main protagonist, so he really had no excuse to mess up that badly.

7. It was good seeing Rick get properly freaked out towards the end of the episode. He’s had freak outs and breakdowns before but it’s been a long time since he just looked vulnerable. The first few episodes found me in a bit of a state of burnout after not particularly caring for Fear The Walking Dead, but got to say I’m enjoying this season.

8. Oh and Glenn is fucked. Good, screw that guy. He nearly killed Nicholas last season.



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