What is The Coost?

Greetings and Sal-coost-tations Coosts!

Thanks so much for visiting us at The Coost. Allow us to throw a little background information your way.

The Coost is a website and video production house based in Montreal. What are we doing here at The Coost? We are people interested in highlighting stuff that’s good. The Coost is good taste, curated. 

The web is full of keyboard warriors telling everyone why things are shit, without really ever putting themselves out there in a creative way. We would rather be making our own stuff than negatively critiquing other people’s – that’s why we publish our own original content in web series and shorts. We’ve already achieved success with shorts such as New Head Chef and The Couch Move.

But we do also love recommending things, shouting from the rooftops when we come across something awesome. One thing those associated with The Coost have is taste. Scratch that, two things – taste and a wish to share that taste. To recommend things – be that a piece of art, a part of the world (our web series Road Coostin’), a fellow human being (our profile series Team Coostin’), a musical act (our live music series Acoostic Sessions) – to the masses and encourage folks to check them out. The Coost is a strictly positive outlet. ‘Coost’ is a synonym for ‘good’. And that’s the attitude we are bringing to this website. The Coost is a showcase for what’s good in our world.

Thank you so much for all your support, and we hope you enjoy your Coost experience.

Much Love

10707966_10152357822631463_1840846022_nZac Strevens is Editor-In-Coost of thecoost.com. After previously calling Melbourne and London home, he currently resides in Montreal, where he is either sweating or freezing. @zstrevens

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  • February 11, 2016 at 2:36 am

    Very Cool. May the Coost be with you.


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