Zimmer’s Coming of Age Tour Comes To MTL

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Somewhere between the beats of space and euro disco, mingled soulfully with funk and disco cuts, lies a genre rising on the premise of being one of the most popularly accessible branches of electronic music to be heard.

Amid the evolution of disco into house music, a side-tracked genre created its own novel character. Its pulsing and rhythmic throb of buried tones, captivating vocal samples and rosy buoyant synth deliver a harmonious brand of sound unique in its nature. And while relying devotedly on filter and phaser effects, the multilateral tones of French house have fast become one of the most endorsed chapters of electronic music.

Since its birth in the late 80s, and exponential rise into the early 2000s, the genre has had a strong index of patriots – Daft Punk, Justice and Stardust (who boasted Thomas Bangalter as a member and contributed only one song to our collective ears) to name a few. Today’s producers reveal an effort to formulate a deeper kind of deliverance, focusing largely on the depth and the characteristic aura the genre creates; a live experience of animated and heartening personality, where common appreciation for uplifting fresh-funk meets a crowd driven on the enthusiasm of this common admiration.

On his North American tour aptly named Coming of Age, Roche Musique prodige Zimmer is bringing his sound, illustrated by depth of rippled pound and mesmerizingly melodic tones, to Newspeak. His sets have been described as “a feel good, body-warming and enthusiastic wave that goes straight to the heart and stays until the end of the night…he moves the crowd on a journey and builds it up like a Nouvelle Vague movie crafted in Hollywood.”

Whatever about movies, Newspeak is the perfect place to capture yourself in this moving, pulsing sound.

An artist of both Californian and Parisian influence, Zimmer seems to have cultivated the American disco influences in French house uniquely to create an admirably seasonal sound. By capturing and infusing his own sound with his own “French touch”, 2015 has been a huge year so far in a verified “coming of age” for genre and artist.

And what better platform to produce from than Roche Musique. Boasting pioneers of the genre FKJ, Darius and Kartell among others in its ranks. Since its emergence in 2012, the Paris-based label has established itself as an innovator in this new era of French house, pushing the boundaries of what characterizes a genre.

Zimmer. Newspeak. Thursday. Be there. Feel it.


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